Recent projects

Take a look to our latest LabVIEW projects

Development of a software for performing PCBs In-Circuit Tests and Functional Tests

The software performs PCBs In-Circuit Tests and Functional Tests. The application is easily maintained and new PCBs and tests can be programmed straightforward thanks to multiple LabVIEW templates developed and integrated into the Client’s LabVIEW environment. Multiple NI instrumentation is integrated into the software, such as NI-PXIe and multiple DAQ system targets.

Modifications to an existing software for acquiring measurements to transform the application to a web-based system

The software was refactorized and modified following the Client’s requests so that an external web-based could use the data acquired.

Development of a software for managing and analyzing noise and GPS measurements data

The software is capable of managing and organizing all measurements data and performed the required computations to analyze the acquired data such as processing GPS data to get actual locations, synchronization of GPS and noise measurements and spectral processing. The UI was fully customized to the Client’s requirements and adapted for guiding the user through the whole process.

Development of a web-based SCADA application to be used for monitoring mining units

Program the back-end of the SCADA application, which communicates with the mining sensors to acquire the data and share it with the web-application through shared variables, as well as saving it to SQL databases.

Development of an API for monitoring SCADA variables through a customized UI interface

The API reads SCADA shared-variables and displays them in the UI following the Client requirements.